The world as an innovative sandbox

Some see Apple as a company. I believe it is that in the business sense, but I see “it” as much more than that. It’s an entity that knows no boundaries, yet at the same time, every year they establish those “unknown” boundaries and then break them just for the fun of it.
Think of it iPhone. They didn’t make it because no one told them they couldn’t. They did to show the world it was possible. The world is their sandbox and they know it. When the first iPhone came out, Jobs knew what he was doing. He knew that he could monetize his creation and innovation of technology by basically hindering one device in order to make the next device just that much more prominent. Looking back, how many iPhones have been scrapped just so the owner could utilize the latest and greatest. It’s like the plastics revolution except with materials like aluminum and chipboards. Unfortunately this is how technology learns and grows and evolves and innovates though.
Apple isn’t a company, it’s an environment. One that sets itself apart marginally because it did it in the beginning and it knows it can do it again every year until something internally catastrophic happens. Hopefully it hasn’t already however, with the passing of one of its founders.


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