I found a video earlier this evening that reminded me of all that I am truly passionate about in this world. It wasn’t a commercial or even an inspirational video (don’t worry, I’ll add the link to the end of this post), but rather one of those videos that you come across every now and again that make you think. You think about where you are in this world. You think about what you’re doing, what you could be doing, and where you could be elsewhere. It was shared by a guy named David.

I thought about how it made me feel and, if money or resources didn’t bear a burden on my progress, all the change I could bring to this world — our world. It was formally about entrepreneurship, but informally it was about how every one of us should ultimately choose to act in this world, to make it a better place. I immediately thought about the story of Facebook. How it rose so fast and created chaos in some peoples’ lives and a purpose in others. It also, in my opinion, rose too fast. Its founder, Mark Zuckerburg, grew too fast to where he is now. But really, it wasn’t his fault. It was society’s fault.

Passion is what fuels us all. Whether we like it or not, it’s what makes us get out of bed at some time in the day and it’s what drives us to do the actions that we make. I wouldn’t want to be Mark because now he has a board and, really, the rest of the world that is looking to him. He has influence, yes, but he also has obligation. He has a tight rope to walk that defines how he creates his “success.”

But I digress… this video, although very short, is something that we all should watch. It’s something that we should let help us. It’s a starting point that can create change in this world. Not change as in political or cultural change, but change in the individual. The type of change that each of us, as a person, in this world with everyone else, should take as their own responsibility to act upon. It’s not because some celebrity told us to or because a politician said it was a good idea, but because we, as people, have a world to preserve.

The change that I look to create is in our food industry. Fast food is not good enough. The quickening pace of our world should not dictate whether or not we have time to consume something that we consider to be a nutritional substance or not. No matter how fast we consider the days to be passing us by, the food we eat should be something that we enjoy (albeit, not to excess) and something that should help us to move forward in our lives. It should be a resource, just like money or people, that we can depend on to help make our lives, our careers and, ultimately, our world a better place.

The video is titled, “Why must entrepreneurs dream?” To me, we are all entrepreneurs in some fashion. Whether it’s someone who works their life away to create a better future for their kids or a single person who strives night and day to create a worldwide change, we all are entrepreneurs of some sort.

[EDIT]: The link to this great article has been updated and is:

Have a different opinion? Please let me know. I want to know!


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