Why Apple Creating a Watch is a Good Thing for Traditional Watch Makers

When Apple first announced its ‘Smart Watch’, I was ecstatic! “It’s the Next Big Thing!”, I thought, even though Samsung had already brought out their version and the Pebble had been released. You see, Apple isn’t the kind of company that comes first to market. Computers were a thing before Apple, mp3 players were too, blah blah blah. You know the story… but what most people don’t realize is that it’s not the products that Apple makes that makes It so great. It’s its marketing. Apple is, for all intensive purposes, a marketing company. They just happen to create products that they could sell to a dog, given that the dog had a job in order to acquire the money to buy Apple’s products. 

When Apple came out with the Macintosh, not every family in America, let alone the world, had a personal computer in their home. When Apple unveiled their iPad, tablets weren’t even that popular. (This article is even being written on an iPad mini!) People all around me kept saying, “Naa, I won’t get one because I don’t need it.” Those people now own at least one, possibly even two generations of iPads. Now that Apple has released it’s Watch, it’s time to see how hard those same naysayers bite their tongue, but it won’t be because they think “they don’t need one.” No, it’s because they forgot how useful a device on thier wrist could truly be.

Way back when, when the modern timepiece, known as a wristwatch became widespread, they became a statement piece. A piece of technology that was first and foremost functional, but eventually became a piece of jewelry around which a conversation could be started. They became a focal point. But as years passed, they became something that everyone had. Eventually, they went by the wayside and computers became small and portable and widespread to where people forgot about those watches. They forgot about the meaning behind them. They forgot that a watch could be more than simply just a watch.

Now here comes the Apple Watch. “A SmartWatch,” everybody calls it. What they don’t realize, however, is that while the publicity and press has shown a spotlight on Apple’s watch, they’ve also brought life back to Tag Huer, Swiss and many other traditional timepiece makers who’s market had shrunk down to only those who had worn them for the last 50 years. Those that were used to wearing them were the only ones who knew who some of those companies were. Their heritage and reputation had been forgotten and replaced by merely pixals in the bottom right hand corner of a desktop computer or the top center of a cellphone. They had become antiquated. But over the past couple of months, whether Apple intended it or not, that’s all changed…

Today, Millenials around the world may be eyeing the shiny new Apple Watch, but at the same time, those, especially who have a soft spot for history, are eyeing those watches that have been around for the last century. It’s true — not everyone needs nor wants a smartwatch. So those who decide to wait or not get one at all, but who want to pull their iPhones out less, those are the ones who are going to be researching and trying to find somewhere where they can get their hands on a Rolex or a timepiece that holds a story that’s a century old or more.


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