Finding Inspiration

As an artist, a “block” is our main enemy. Our disease. It’s what we never want to happen to us — yet, sometimes it does. We’re constantly trying to find inspiration. Sometimes we’re so desperate we’d try and squeeze it out of a rock if we knew we might could and other times it’s like its bleeding out of every raindrop falling from the sky. But no matter which scenario you’re in, we’ve all felt both sensations!

Personally, sometimes I like to go out for a walk and get my mind off of my projects. Other times, I don’t have the luxury of time and, in those times, I like to go scouring the internet. I love to research any way, but one place I always keep in mind is Yahoo’s Flickr. Flickr is a go-to as far as visual inspiration goes. Whether it’s a tech setup to figure out how to get started building around that fancy new laptop you just bought or looking for the perfect perspective piece to get you started on your next painting, they have it all.

I’m sure there are plenty of others out there though. What are your favorites? What hidden gems would you like to share?


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