My Visit to the Toy Store

Last night, I lived one of my dreams in real life. Or, at least, that’s what it felt like.

I was invited to an exclusive event hosted by the great people at MoxieUSA and the first thing I thought about when I woke up this morning was that I had to write about my great experience! You see, I’ve been a “techie” all my life. I played with my Father’s in-car phone/bag/thing made my Motorola in the 90’s. I took notes on a Sony Cliè PDA in high school before laptops were even common in college. I even installed a CD-R/WIMG_0282 disk burner in the family laptop just so that I could have the “latest CD’s” before my friends. But last night proved one of many things — as much as I research and tinker with the latest gadgets, there will always be something else out there that I have yet to discover!

When I first arrived, a great lady came up to me, introduced herself and showed me around their great new, bright, orange-covered studio environment where all the magic happens. It was like something you would see in a high-rise in NYC, but in a movie — not in real life. It was spectacular. Tucked IMG_0267in between the barely separated (in order to provoke conversation/collaboration) desks, were different examples of what they had been working on. It was one hit after another with augmented reality posters on one wall and smartphone-connected collaborative polling in another room. (+1 – There was even mention of Star Wars!)

Then came the grand finale. Just after walking outside to be greeted by a social website-controlled light installation that could have only been Robot by Moxiebuilt by geniuses, we walk into the FutureX Labs. People are going nuts! I look to the left, there’s a Oculus Rift! (Which, if you haven’t seen one, you definitely should!) On the right is 3D printer spitting out little models of robots. And then, in the back corner, somebody is showing off wearables and augmented reality models on an iPad! It was as if someone had researched my deepest desires, hosted an event and served them up to us on a silver platter.

InnovationThe products were great. The amount of brainpower being represented in that build was astounding. But what I actually walked away from that event with was a sense of pride that people in my own backyard were developing products, systems and next-generation innovations that will change how we interact, collaborate and view the world that we see tomorrow.


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