Never Enough Space

With more and more data being stored in the clouds and hard drives in our laptops becoming smaller or even nonexistent, local storage is becoming something of an afterthought… unless you’re like me and don’t always have a secure or decent internet connection. When I upgraded to the latest Retina Macbook Pro, I was ecstatic! I still am, but soon after I had completed just a few projects, I began getting alerts that my hard drive was getting full.

Already?! …

It wasn’t long after that I then began receiving them almost all the time. And I had had enough. I began searching for options. I have Dropbox and it’s great, but I wanted something that I could use to store projects to show clients even if I was on the road and couldn’t connect to the cloud. I also have an external SSD, but even that can become “one more thing” in my ever growing pile of tech in my book bag. Then I found the solution.

This little gem is a whole 128 gigabytes of free storage space that is nearly nonexistent on the side of my laptop. It’s slim form factor only shows where the black plastic begins and  it literally doubles the space in my laptop. No external power is needed or extra cables to have to lug around with me. I really don’t even know where the other plastic sleeve is that is shown in the picture because I rarely ever take it out of the USB port. (The only time I’ve ever really had to do that was when I used a mouse and I was charging my phone while working.)

I found it on Amazon just like everything else that is made in this world and for a decent price too! Around $30 gets you the whole 128 gigs. If that amount is way more than you will ever need, they have other sizes ranging from 16GB to 64GB as well. Say you have a home video that you want to quickly show a friend on their flat screen TV, pop it in the TV and play! Or if you have mp3’s stored and want to be the life of the party… plug it in to your friends computer and it’s ready to go. No need to download from a cloud-based storage or even install any drivers.

What are your thoughts on cloud-based versus local storage? Do you think local storage will ever become obsolete? Is 128GB too much? Is it not enough? Let me know in the comments!

(P.S. Is there something cool you found that you want me to review? Leave a comment or send me an email.)

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. The product was bought and tested before being reviewed. All thoughts are my own. Image sourced from


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